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A significant part of Reflections mission is to bring in new audiences to classical music. We want people of all ages and backgrounds to listen to music and understand it better. One of the ways we do this is by juxtaposing music with other art forms, which may give people different paths, through the other arts, to find their way in as listeners.

Another way that we do this is by presenting programs with spoken commentary, like this past season's highly acclaimed "Reflections on Debussy."  

Bruce Wolosoff leading a group of young musicians at the Bay Street Theater, Sag Harbor, NY

I believe that people have so much music inside of them, music which is their soul’s expression, music which we can bring forth into the world where it might connect with other people’s hearts and imaginations. It is part of my mission to show everyone that this is possible, that they have these innate gifts and abilities that they might not even realize. I am there to provide some guidance and to give them confidence in their inherent birthright as musical creators and thinkers.

– Bruce Wolosoff


 Wolosoff’s belief that students need to be creatively engaged in their learning has been the driving force behind a lifetime of teaching. A highlight of this was his work for eight years as Artist-in-Residence at the Hayground School in Bridgehampton, NY, where he conceived and launched a highly innovative program of teaching music through participation in a "creative orchestra" of young students, who learned music by composing, performing, and conducting their own and each other's music. Most of these students had little or no previous musical training and several of them have gone on to become professional musicians after this experience. 



 “Bruce's work with our students on the Hayground Creative Orchestra has been innovative and inspiring, and Bruce has proven time and again that anyone can think in music. Through his Creative Process, Bruce shows us that inspiration is infinite and creative possibilities boundless….All you need is the desire and courage to express yourself.”

- Arjun Achuthan, Hayground faculty and board member

"What a great project you are involved in-BRAVO!!!! I am sure you are creating the future composers for us all."


- Joan Tower, renowned American composer and educator 




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