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Article by Sag Harbor Express titled Bruce Wolosoff offers Reflections on Debussy

"On Sunday, February 27, at 2 p.m., The Church in Sag Harbor will host the next offering in the Reflections on Music series with “Reflections on Debussy” a performance by composer-pianist Bruce Wolosoff. The intimate Sunday afternoon piano performance and conversation will provide an insider’s look at some of the most popular works for piano by one of his personal favorite composers, Claude Debussy."
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"The organization developed a music series that celebrates the relationship between music and other art forms. Over the years, the series has showcased the work of artists whose disciplines span classical music, the visual arts, literature, dance, and more."
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Article by the East Hampton Star titled Bits and Pieces

​"Reflections in Music, which stages interdisciplinary performances of solo and chamber music held in both traditional and non-traditional spaces, will present the world premieres of two cello sonatas written by Bruce Wolosoff on Oct. 9 at The Church in Sag Harbor.”

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photo by Katya Wolosoff

​"The thing that has always been important to me is trying to get people to love music the way I love music. People confuse music with entertainment. It is more than that. There is a spiritual component, there is an illuminating element, and some of the deepest human experiences can be found through music. If there is any way that I can bring some people closer to that experience, I would love to try.”

-Bruce Wolosoff

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