photo by Katya Wolosoff

​"The thing that has always been important to me is trying to get people to love music the way I love music. People confuse music with entertainment. It is more than that. There is a spiritual component, there is an illuminating element, and some of the deepest human experiences can be found through music. If there is any way that I can bring some people closer to that experience, I would love to try.”

Bruce Wolosoff


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Reviews of Reflections under the direction of founder Gil Morgenstern:

The Strad

Leah Swann's review of "Identities and Transformations" 

Reflections Concert May 25th, 2014


"Violinist Gil Morgenstern presented a unique and compelling program, tracing the idea of identity through music and spoken word from the beginning of time. He incorporated the Prokofiev Sonata in its entirety, movement by movement, dotted throughout the program, and his performance of it was compelling . . .  John Cage's "Nocturne" was absolutely exquisite and the world premiere of Bruce Saylor's "Adagio espressivo" was powerful and intense.”




Beethoven, Messiaen and Background Checks 

By Vivien Schweitzer 

Sept. 16, 2011 

Listeners and performers are often curious about what inspired a particular piece of music. But in the opening program of his engaging Reflections series on Wednesday evening, “Divine Inspiration or Intelligent Design?,” the violinist Gil Morgenstern pondered whether knowing the source of inspiration actually enhances the experience for musician or audience. 





Lucid Culture

Review of "Restless Journeys"

Reflections Feb 17, 2011 concert in New York


Morgenstern’s technique is such that he’s able to play anything he wants, which typically means challenging and exhilarating material. He also likes themes – this one was, as he put it, “exile and unfinished journeys,” inspired by a recent Isaac Julien exhibit in Miami, where Morgenstern also performs this ongoing series.